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Things to see at the museum

The Red Feather Club, operated and managed by the 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association, (95th BGHA) is the official UK museum of the 95th Bomb Group. The award-winning museum in a former NCOs’ club houses uniforms and memor­ab­ilia relating exclus­ively to the 95th Bomb Group and has been described by visitors as “stepping back in time”.

The museum is continu­ally being updated as new addi­tions are donated or acquired. It aims to tell the story of the 95th from their early days in the US to their return home after the end of the war through displays, films and the firsthand accounts of locals and servicemen.

Outside there is a memorial to all those who served with the 95th and a marble bench commem­or­ating  Bob Cozens who is credited with saving the 95th twice – the first time when he rallied the battered squadron over Kiel during WW2 and the second time by invig­or­ating the veterans organ­isa­tion in the US.

The Red Feather Club complex itself consists of five inter­con­nected rooms and a separate guardroom.The former kitchen, which is now the entrance, houses a massive diorama of the airfield as it was during WW2 and the roll of honour listing all those lost. The mural room houses original artwork painted by US servicemen and preserved in place by the asso­ci­ation. The bar is a faithful recre­ation of the bar as it was used by NCOs during WW2. The museum itself used to be the Beer Hall. The most recently opened part of the complex is the former Dry Lounge – which is now called the Blue Lounge and is used extens­ively for 40’s style dances and events of all types.The Red Feather Club is also the home to the 1285th Mil­itary Police Com­pany re-enactors. The MPs, or Snowdrops as they were known because of their white helmets, are often in evidence when the Red Feather Club is open and they have their own guard­room complete with cell which you can visit.

Visitor Information

Opening Times

We are open between 10am and 4pm on the last Sunday of every month between April and October. See a list of dates here.

Also, we’re often working hard with renov­a­tion work on Saturdays too, so if you see the flag flying, pop in and see us! We can always use another pair of hands

If you require a more specific visiting time, for a group or if you’re trav­el­ling a long distance for example, please get in touch on the contact form here and we’ll do our best to accom­modate you.

The 95th Bomb Group Museum from above

Recent drone footage courtesy of Richard Flagg.

Published on Jan 10, 2016 by our good friend, Richard Flagg. This video shows our museum in all of its glory from the air.

Visit his Youtube Channel to see where else Richard’s been flying his drone


We operate a dog-friendly envir­on­ment, provided your dog is well super­vised at all times. We do kindly ask that you don’t allow your dog inside the exhibits area as many of our items are irre­place­able.

Obviously, guide and assist­ance dogs are welcome throughout the museum.