The group insignia, approved by Col Kessler and subsequently the War Department, was chosen from a selec­tion submitted by the men of the 95th.

The officers picked the design of a Private Robert N Robertson and wrote about it the group’s Wingspread news­letter in February 1943:

The insignia chosen goes back to the ancient symbolism of heraldry for its various parts. The shield is the shield of Justin, the early Roman ruler whose bene­volent reign gave rise to many of our demo­cratic insti­tu­tions. The word ‘justice’ springs from the name Justin – who formed many civil courts and advanced fair admin­is­tra­tion far beyond the other admin­is­tra­tions of the time. The cross is the Justinian cross… and the red feather is the red badge of courage. The motto ‘Victory with Justice’ arise from the noblest among senti­ments… We are at war – not for conquest, nor for the domin­a­tion of smaller nations. We are fighting for our lives our prin­ciples… and the safe­guarding of our insti­tu­tions & our property. The feather is red, the cross white and the back­ground blue… the colors of the flag aptly fitting to our battle emblem… The insignia will be our signa­ture and calling card. It will mark our role in the fight. The group will be known by this sign wherever it goes. We are the ones who will decide its fate in the future. On us will depend its position among the many insignia enlisted in the good cause.”

Although the insignia stayed as described in the news­letter the slogan changed to ‘Justice with Victory’ by the insignia gained official approval.

RedFeatherInsignia-Patch-JackSwinney1 RedFeatherInsignia-Memorial1 RedFeatherInsignia-JacketPatch1 RedFeatherInsignia-GeorgeHood1 RedFeatherInsignia-Contrails1

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