Sally-B: Bomb bay door  Sally-B-9  Sally-B: Waist Gun Positions  Sally-B: Waist Gun

Sally-B: Ball Turret  Sally-B-5  Sally-B: Bomb bay  Sally-B: Fusealage (towards gunners position)

Sally-B: Rear Gunner's Position  Sally-B: Cockpit

Built in 1944 at Burbank, California as a B-17G-105-VE, serial no 44–85784, the aircraft served at many USAF bases from May 1948.

During this period, it’s turrets were removed and faired over, carrying the number BA-784, it was used for weather research work.

On March 18th 1958 it arrived at Le Bourget, Paris, France. Registered as F-BGSR it was used for photo survey work, world­wide by the I’Institut Geographique National.

In 1975 it was brought to England by Ted White as N17TE and named “Sally B”. Sadly Ted was killed in an air crash in 1982, the chequered engine cowling is the same as that of the Harvard, in which he was flying.

In 1980/81 the turrets were restored for a TV series and in 1989, Sally B was configured as B17F Memphis Belle, these colour scheme being largely retained to this date.

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