Put together by our very own ‘Red Feather Belle’ (Carmel Hannant) and very good friend of the 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association, Paul Cook. Magpie will tell the untold stories of life in East Anglia during the 1942–1945, and explore the often forgotten issue of PTSD.

Paul writes:

Our film delves into the vast changes in the physical and social land­scape of East Anglia during World War II. The film’s prot­ag­onist, Lily, sees her usually attentive and loyal husband, George, devast­ated by his exper­i­ences on the front line. Whilst on the front­line, George witnesses the shocking death of his best friend. His life-changing exper­i­ences in battle leave him emotion­ally and phys­ic­ally damaged.

Upon returning home he becomes detached from his marriage and the reality of his situ­ation. Though this is certainly not a gener­al­isa­tion of those who served, Magpie uses this storyline to portray the suffering that many servicemen (and their families) went through in this period.

Symbolising the vast changes in the land­scape of East Anglia during WWII, Lily drifts further and further apart from George, instead finding comfort in the arms of an American Serviceman stationed at Horham with the 95th Bomb Group. She finds safety and comfort in their friend­ship whilst George stays confined to their home, growing ever more paranoid and discon­nected from their marriage.


Our Kickstarter Campaign

We strongly believe that without the support of living history groups giving their time and vast collec­tion of props, vehicles and expertise, Vitec Videocom providing equip­ment, and organ­isa­tions like The 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association and Eighth in the East, this film project would require a gigantic budget. But we are incred­ibly lucky to have that support and there­fore know that we can make this project a reality for a lot lot less

Here’s a link to our Kickstarter page. Please watch the trailer and support us if you can!


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